Possible Design Change for the iPhone 6 — Eliminating the Headphone Jack — has Some Apple Fans Fuming

This would make the iPhone inaccessible for use with neckloops and t-coils.

Science Writer for Hearing Loss and Related Issues Advisory Committee, Greater Richmond Hearing Loss Association and Past President of Williamsburg Hearing Loss Association wrote a blog about this at

iPhone 6 and Accessibility by Kathi Mestayer

Kathi has filed a complaint with FCC & looking into this for the Richmond HLAA. She has asked that HLAAKC share this and encourages others to file a complaint with FCC. FCC Attorney Advisor who was the HLAA convention in Austin TX recommended people should file complaints about Apple’s plans to remove the headphone jack. Multiple complaints will be better than just one complaint. Please read and share:

Possible design change for the iPhone 6 — eliminating the headphone jack — has some Apple fans fuming