HLAAKC announces that the Greater Kansas City Business Leadership Network has a new way for job seekers with disabilities, including hearing loss to apply for jobs.  A HLAAKC member attended a SHIFT meeting and learned there are employers who are looking for employees with disabilities, including those with hearing loss.   SHIFT helps match employers with SHIFT registered job-seekers who happen to have a disability.   During the meeting, HLAAKC explained how people with hearing loss can have several different phone numbers, such as InnoCaptions and Sorenson, but you can simply mark your phone numbers in preference of how you like to be contacted without disclosing it is a service for deaf or hard-of-hearing.   SHIFT is an exciting tool we hope you are thrilled.   Please send us feedback at, so we can spread the news.

Are you looking for a job?

Are you supporting someone to find a job?

SHiFT is a new and unique matching tool to use in your job search.
SHiFT only connects you with employers who are looking to specifically hire
talent with disabilities. SHiFT matches skills, abilities and preferences with
businesses looking for those attributes for their open positions.
SHiFT is ready when you are. Click here to create your account and get
SHiFT is a free service for job seekers so don’t delay. Businesses are starting
to post job openings in SHiFT. When you have a match you will receive an email notification. Please be patient. SHiFT is a new service and businesses are adding
jobs all the time.
Get started today and get working! 
                                  GKCBLN, PO Box 901296, Kansas City, MO 64190

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