Ava – Your 24/7 Captioner to Launch Sept 5th

AVA app

HLAAKC met the AVA Founders in St Louis 2015 and Washington DC June 2016!  Get ready for their launch.

On September 5th, Ava will be free to download for anyone with an Android or iPhone. This means that your chapter members will be among the first people to get the opportunity to install the app (free of charge) on their own mobile device.

Why is this a great opportunity?

If you haven’t heard about Ava yet (check our website here), it’s a mobile application to empower deaf or hard of hearing people in group conversations. The app pairs smartphones in a room and captures the conversation to show a real time, color coded transcript of the discussion. In other words, you obtain real time captioning on your smartphone!

Ava is made to give you audio & visual accessibility, anywhere, anytime. This means that your next Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore. It means that you can speak with your son, daughter, or maybe your grandchild, without missing all the details.

You might have seen us at the HLAA convention in DC this year or in St. Louis a year ago? Or perhaps you’ve heard about us through your local chapter? We are proud and very thankful to the fellow HLAA members and leaders who have believed in us since the early days, and have become true Ava pioneers.

You and your chapter members can be the next people to join the movement, by trying the app and advocating for a future with 24/7 accessibility!

Are you and your chapter ready to become pioneers?

If you are interested in joining your fellow HLAA members to become an Ava pioneer, and want to give the Ava app a try, here are a few things you can already do today:

1) First, save the date. On September 5th, you can download the app for free on the App and Play store. Make sure you mark this date in your calendar.

2) Inform the people around you. If you are a chapter representative or leader, we prepared an announcement message that you can share with your chapter members, or include in your monthly newsletter. This message can be found at the bottom of this email. You can also send the message or forward this email to anyone you know who would be interested in learning about Ava.

3) Get priority, by visiting our website (www.ava.me) and leaving your email. We will invite you to our pioneer program directly, and you’ll be the first to know about any updates.

We look forward to launching Ava together with you!

Greatest greetings,
Team Ava.

Move 24/7 accessibility forward with us, we’re right there:
Ava.me Facebook Twitter Email Blog Instagram
2150 Shattuck Avenue, CA 94704, Berkeley 

Ava launch announcement:

The Ava team has announced that their app will become available for anyone to download on September 5th, 2016. On this date you will be able to directly download it from the App & Play store and use it as much as you like, without any charge.

If you haven’t heard about Ava yet, it’s and app that pairs smartphones in a room and captures the conversation to show a real time, color coded transcript of the discussion. In other words, you obtain real time captioning on your smartphone!

If you are interested in getting access today already, you can do this by:

  1. Opening your internet browser
  2. Going to www.ava.me
  3. Leaving your e-mail address in the assigned box.

If you’d like to get in touch with the Ava team directly, please send inquiries to team@ava.me.


1 thought on “Ava – Your 24/7 Captioner to Launch Sept 5th

  1. A note from Ava:

    For now, it’s not yet possible to save the transcripts of the conversations. We are going to add this feature though.

    Concerning your thought about encourage deaf / hoh to open the app when stopped by the police – yes we would encourage you to do that. However, it might be smart to explain what Ava is in advance of the conversation. You could do this by having a beforehand written note in the car.

    This note could contain something like the following:

    ”I’m deaf / hard-of-hearing and use Ava to communicate. Ava is an app that you can speak into, so that I can read what you’re saying. Thank you”.

    This note you can show before starting the conversation.

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