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FROM the Kaplans – – –

Hello friends!

We are excited to offer FREE sign language classes again! Please consider signing up AND please spread the word to your family and friends.  The classes are free but students need RSVP by contacting Carol Cox, class coordinator, by email to We must have a minimum of ten students to offer the classes.

My wife, Christie, and I co-teach both sets of classes. I am Deaf with over 15 years of experience with ASL instruction in a variety of settings. Christie is a certified interpreter. We have been teaching these set of classes at OPCC since Summer 2015.

ASL beginner

This introductory class focuses on basic vocabulary, ASL grammar, and Deaf Culture. Vocabulary lists will be provided with supplementary YouTube videos for at-home practice. Games and activities included.
Monday evenings:   September 12th – October 24th  (6 weeks, skip Oct 10)
Time:   7:00 – 8:30 (Doors open at 6:30pm)

ASL intermediate

This class is meant for anyone who has a basic knowledge of ASL structure. It expands on vocabulary, grammar usage and Deaf Culture etiquette. Supplementary YoutTube videos, games and activities provided.
Thursday evenings:    September 8th – October 13th (6 weeks)
Time:   7:00 – 8:30 (Doors open at 6:30pm)

At Overland Park Church of Christ (Room 104)

13400 W. 119th street
Overland Park, Ks 66213

*main entrance, room is left of lobby 

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the class structure. Thanks!

-Joseph Kaplan, Instructor




  1. Pastor Joseph!…i’m Sharon; the person you helped learn to sign the reading of St. Paul to the Phillipians….i think i totally honored you and Ms Carol on the 8th of October…mistakes were few, the love and commitment was full; my son Steven videoed it, but i’m having difficulty sending it to you or Ms Carol…i’m thinkin one of you should request my friendship in order to view tha video; i am NOT technologically inclined, my apologies

  2. i want to sign up for your next free sign language course!…our parish administrator told me that this was a unique ministry and that i should consider signing at Mass…i’d like to, but i feel i need more training; my video of my signing WAS the very first time I’ve ever signed, let alone sign before a 200+ congregation!…so, what I’M thinkin is either you or Ms Carol should request my friendship on Facebook, view the video THERE and then you could unfriend me and i’m cool with that!…i’ll try ANYthing to enable you or Ms Carol to view it; btw, it was child-like in its simplicity, but i think you’ll ‘feel’ every BIT of it!…

  3. Hello my name is Michael Sacher I work for the Lee’s Summit R7 School District in the Transportation Dept. as a Substitute Driver and Trainer. I focus on Special Needs Students. To that end I want to learn ASL. I finished two 6 week courses in Sigh Language at the Longview Campus of the Metro Community College.
    I want to continue my studies but I need to find other venues. Do you have any suggestions.
    Mike Sacher

  4. Hi my name is Jesse I can’t talk anymore because I don’t have a voice box i will be glad to learn sign language so will my wife Florence here is my number (816) 226-0014 please call my wife to let us know if you can fit us in your schedule I’m having a difficult time communicating with others as well and my wife thank you for support and your appreciation we cannot wait to hear from you very much.

  5. Hello, wanting information on your ASL sign language classes this fall in the evenings, Please

    For my husband and myself.
    My email is
    Shelly Vandevord
    Or you can text me at 913-980-2930
    Thank you

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