Alamo – Tips for FREE Parking

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Going to see an Open Caption movie at Alamo?

Where to Park for FREE:

H&R Block (13th and Main) FREE OF CHARGE after 6pm Monday through Friday, after 12pm on Saturday, and all day Sunday! The garage will be also open at those times during Sprint Center Events and offer the same three hour parking option. Remember to validate parking ticket at Alamo front desk!

Power & Light Garage
(on 13th, between Grand and Walnut) Remember to validate parking ticket at Alamo front desk and the $2 validation is good three hours.

Cosentino’s Garage
As you go up Main Street (north) pass Alamo on your left, then pass Cosentino’s on your right, you’ll pass a parking garage exit on the right after that. Take the next right, then another right, and you’ll see the parking garage entrance It says it’s for both events at The Midland and Cosentino’s. Sometimes there’s an attendant and you have to tell them you’re going to Cosentino’s, and they’ll let you in.

Other parking on streets: When event parking is in effect there will be an attendant outside the Parking Garage. On these nights, you need to give them the name and showtime of the movie you’re about to see and parking will be FREE. If you do pay the event parking fee and come to the theater to validate, Alamo will not be able to do so. Parking will only be FREE when you tell the attendant that you are going to the Alamo to see a particular movie at the time you park.

Come early to watch Alamo’s 30 minute customized pre-show!

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