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Sometimes life serves us lemons, but yesterday Alamo served us the sweetest thing when we least expected it.

Alamo strives to build a strong community cultural center, including the deaf and hard of hearing community by scheduling open caption movies.     At beginning of February 2016, they vamped up open caption movies to a regular schedule of every Sunday about 2pm.  Yesterday, Alamo Drafthouse decided to share more open caption movies with our community by adding one OC movie every Tuesday!   How sweet is that?

hlaakc candy

Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City soon will be giving us a variety of open caption movies!   Will it be Action, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Horror, Musical, Romance, Fantasy, Drama, History, Science Fiction or a Thriller?  There will a something for everyone!

Alamo is working on a way to search their website for open caption (OC) movies in the future, but for now, watch our HLAA-KC’s Facebook page or this website for the weekly OC movies!

A luxury of Alamo is being able to order from your seat off their menu.  Come 30 minutes early to enjoy their custom pre-show.   You can relax while your food is prepared and delivered to your seat.  Just before the end of the movie, your server will come by with your bill and you pay without leaving your seat.  No waiting in lines or getting up for refills.  To get service, you simply take a sheet of paper supplied at your seat and write on what you wish to have.  Then you place the paper sheet in the slot at front of your table as it serves as a flag to the waiter/waitress you wish to order or get a refill.

For more information: Alamo Drafthouse The best film, food and drink all in one seat.

Alamo Parking

If it is your first time to come to the Alamo, avoid the $10 parking lots and read about driving and parking tips before you come.

We hope to see you, your family and friends at Alamo Drafthouse soon!

hlaakc thank you

hlaakc alamo picture                                                        Photo by: Cesar Augusto Nogueira

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