Alamo Drafthouse Provides OC Movies Every Sunday!

hlaakc alamo

1400 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64105 Show Map
Alamo Hassle Free Parking Directions    HR Block free parking validate after 12pm.

The manager of Almao Drafthouse has kindly decided to schedule open caption movies every Sunday around 2pm.  Alamo will pick the titles they feel comfortable that the OC will work and promote it as weekly event so their guests can expect it and not have it be so random.   This will make things easier going forward and they can offer a variety to deaf and hard of hearing that are looking for an OC movie every week.  It will also make things easier for the projectionist to make sure files work when he has a large lead time to check films if it is a regular thing and not so sporadic.

We will see if Alamo can add a search for ‘Open Caption” so the current movie that is being shown in OC will show up on the search results.

We strongly suggest you buy tickets online in advance!  OC movies are selling out at the last OC movie events!  You can buy at the door, but it could be sold out.  Please let the Alamo staff know how much you appreciate the theater leading the way in providing OPEN Captioning EVERY SUNDAY (WoW!) making Kansas City deaf & hard-of-hearing accessible!  HLAA-KC Thanks you – Alamo!

Last week, Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City showed ‘The Finest Hours” in open captioning.

hlaakc alamo The Finest Hours

Thank you Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City for another great OC movie! Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City is a leader providing open caption movies even though movie theaters are not required by law to do so, like in Hawaii. We look forward to next Sunday’s OC movie!

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