Hope Dummy Hoy Makes Baseball Hall of Fame in 2018!

The William Hoy Story Book Cover

Hearing Loss Association of America – Kansas City Chapter would like to share an update from the Hoy For the Hall Committee.

The Hoy For The Hall Committee was certainly disappointed with the Hall of Fame vote last year. While we will absolutely try again in 2018 (when Hoy will next be eligible) our efforts in educating people about Dummy Hoy have not slowed down. In fact, the effort has picked up steam.

As you may or may not now, our committee member, Nancy Churnin, will have her children’s picture book (The William Hoy Story) released on March 1 of this year! Already, the book has received great reviews from some of the most credible sources within the industry. With the release date just weeks away, the Hoy Committee stands behind her 100%.

Refer to the inaugural copy of, The Hoy ReportOur 1st issue is a Special Edition, featuring Nancy Churnin and her book. With members of our committee writing columns supporting her as well as an in-depth interview with Nancy, we’re hopeful our 1st issue is a hit with all those we’ve been in contact with over the years. While the report is just now being circulated, two of our members have been interviewed already by the Texas Jewish Post!

I hope you enjoy the content of our report. If so, we invite you to not only subscribe to our newsletter, but to circulate it to as many people within your personal circle who may find this of value, and to have them contact us as well.  With future issues featuring interviews with other members of our committee and any breaking news about Dummy Hoy, our dual purpose is not just keeping alive the Hoy story, but to promote and expand it. We want to inspire others who are Deaf or hard of hearing with news about them, for them, and to educate the mainstream about Hoy and his iconic status within Deaf culture.

Of course we’re looking for exposure in other avenues. If you know anyone in the media who may be interested in our cause, please have them contact either (Steve or Gary) listed below.

Please enjoy! If you are interested in subscribing, please email the following people with a short note:

Steve Sandy dmyhoy@gmail.com
Gary Kaschak gkaschak@comcast.net (609) 280-1645

PS- And be sure to order a copy of the book! Ordering instructions follow the interview with Nancy.

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