CART Assistant Volunteer Needed


Illustration provided by Great Plains ADA Center!

HLAA-KC chapter is in need of a volunteer to help manage Computer Assisted Real-time Translation (CART) for meetings approximately 3 times a year and most likely on Saturdays at a local public library. No experience or skill is required, as all that is needed is a PC laptop and interest to help.

You will be trained by the CART provider on how to help her deliver this service at chapter meetings. Our CART provider is at remote location and sends her CART transcriptions of what is said at our meetings in real time via the Internet.   In the illustration, the CART assistant is at the desk with the laptop.

Once you set up your PC laptop to receive CART for a meeting, all CART will be automatically sent. It is a relatively easy task, but is a most critical volunteer post as we cannot have effective meetings without CART for those of us who need the support to “hear” all that is said at meetings. At this time, we need a volunteer to continue receiving CART. Please contact Terri Shirley or email us at if you would like to learn more about this volunteer job to determine if it is a fit for you.


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