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January 15, 2015 (THiRD FRIDAY) Hearing Loss Association of America Kansas City Chapter is hosting a Zumba Fundraiser!   We would like to introduce you to the instructors.  Getting to know them is as easy as sending a Facebook Friend Request.   It is a win-win gesture to allow us to get to know instructors and for them to learn about hearing loss.

The instructors listed below have taken the time to get to know some of the deaf and hard of hearing community from past Zumba events.   Some have direct ties to a deaf family member or going up with deaf friends.   Meeting you increases the excitement of doing the event for HLAAKC.  The instructors encourage FB Friend Requests, so let them know you learned about them through HLAAKC.  You can reach out and ask where they happen to be scheduled. Then you can attend at a guest rate at the facility where they are working.   Be sure to let them know you appreciate their efforts in practicing visual cues since people with hearing loss are always looking for visual input to reinforce what we may miss from not hearing.   Most Zumba instructors do not use voice commands and it is a watch and learn theory.   Remind instructors about those visual cues so they can bone up that skill along with their routine, so that cueing comes more and more natural by January.

Here are the instructor’s Facebook links:








 Get warmed up by attending some upcoming Zumba events:

  • Zumba® Party with ZJ Heather Dix is THIS Sunday at Amore.
  • This coming THiRD Friday event (11/14 6:30-8:30pm) at Amore, a fundraiser for Harvesters. Watch for the event to be posted by clicking on Amore Events.  Last year, donation of canned goods was accepted for registration free.


Most Amore Zumba events cost $15 at the door or save $5 and pre-register at Amore Events.   On the right of the screen, scroll down through the events to pre-register for the event you wish to attend for $10.

 The October THiRD Friday Zumba event was a successful fundraiser for breast cancer research!   When attending Zumba events you can meet other people who regularly attend just because they love to be there to contribute to the month’s chosen fundraiser.   When attending Zumba events, take the opportunity to talk to others to raise awareness of our upcoming fundraiser so Zumba students and instructors get excited for HLAAKC fundraiser.

Lastly, do not fret about what you will look like at Zumba events.   Everyone is on different energy and experience levels. Do I need to be coordinated to do Zumba?  There is no right or wrong way, just move – that’s the beauty of Zumba.  If you are new, everyone is a beginner at some point when trying something different. Beginners fit right in.   You might enjoy reading the following:  Wear something comfortable.   Enjoy the music as you watch the instructor’s cues and movements for total listening therapy as well!   Men are good at this sport as well.   Men will not be the only guy there.

Of interest, at the HLAAKC Zumba fundraiser, the instructors will place the speakers face down on floor so the vibrations can be felt on the “floating” dance floor at Amore. Now that you have been introduced to the instructors, find them on FB or attend an upcoming event.  Get on your dancing tennis shoes and come on out for a workout where you have so much fun you don’t think about working out!    Plan to shake off the holiday baggage and let’s make our January fundraiser a big hit!    Get involved and have a blast!

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