HLAAKC’s Adventure in Testing New Caption Devices at AMC 30

HLAAKC Members Embark on Testing New Caption Devices at AMC 30

AMC 30 Employee Waits for Reader Box to Pick Up Signals in Hallway Before We Enter a Movie
The Reader Box is Smaller than Previous Caption Devices Used at AMC 30
Reader Box Carries Three Lines of Captions & All Movies Will Be Captioned in All Theaters at AMC 30.
Caption Device in Foreground (hard to photograph in dark theater)


Recently a few members of our KC Chapter were invited by AMC to test the new reader box and system manufactured by a company named DO REI ME. The name of the personal hearing amplification system is Fidelio, also made by DO REI ME.

AMC is replacing their reflective and radio controlled devices with the new reader boxes.   ALL theater rooms will be captioned and we will even be able to go to 3D movies that are captioned – Wow!

If you think that is great, don’t go away because the personal hearing amplification system (not pictured) has a plug-in which AMC recommends guests bring their own headphones to plug into the device, however AMC will continue to provide headsets as needed.   One of our members brought her ClearSounds CLA7v2 Amplified Power Neckloop Accessory to get a direct connection to her cochlea implant, which looks like….

However, AMC sound devices are still in testing phase and were not working yet.  We anticipate people who own neckloops will be able to enjoy direct connect at the same time using new caption devices.  This will be awesome!  Sometime next week, our member will go back to test this feature.  Please note:  AMC does not provide neckloops.  Consult an audiologist to see if you can be fitted for a neckloop.   Neckloops can be used with other listening devices also.

If you decide to come to the movies next week, allow a full 30 minutes before the movie starts to be introduced to how to get connected to the Fidelio personal hearing amplification system and program the reader box for the correct movie theater you are going to be sitting in.

AMC listened to  our suggestions and will put the directions in writing so you can read how to connect to these devices.  AMC 30 also likes our suggestion to attach a YouTube to their website to explain how all this works.   The YouTube would also educate the hearing community when a movie is advertised as closed captioned it does not mean the captions will be seen on the movie screen.   The YouTube will also address many of the common questions that the hearing-impaired community might need to know to make their movie experience go a lot smoother.

The manager of AMC 30 says, “While we will be ready for full Guest use next week/weekend we are still very much in ‘test’ mode, though we feel very good about the new product”.   So do we and we think you will too.   Please patronize AMC for all the efforts they have put forth to provide us with such nice amenities.

Happy Members Agree AMC 30’s New Caption Devices are Very Impressive
Smiling Faces at End of Demo Says We are Gonna Like This – Bring It On


1 thought on “HLAAKC’s Adventure in Testing New Caption Devices at AMC 30

  1. I still get complains from few Deaf/hh consumers that when they got the new devices.. It was NOT working at all!! They need a TAG labels on it for clear instructions before going inside the theater. Deaf has gone there 3 times and failed to pleased the Deaf/hh! It happen to me several times at Fork and Screen cc movies that it was not working!! I hope they will correct the problems from time to time. Hope they will put tag on it for instructions!

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