LiveStrong Stadium improves its captioning board

It’s been a great summer of Sporting Kansas City games. I’ve enjoyed it immensely. The new stadium is absolutely gorgeous. And, as of Saturday, SKC is first in the Eastern Conference MLS rankings! Playoffs, here we come!

Now, what I really wanted to show you was an incredible improvement that the LiveStrong stadium has made. Remember this post?

Well, LiveStrong Stadium has made a big change! The captions are now two lines tall, and very easy to read even from the farthest corner of the stadium. I’m thrilled!!

Here’s a view of the screen at 100%, no zooming, from where I was sitting at Saturday’s game. (Click on the photo to get a full view)

And here’s a zoomed shot of the screen.

See how big it is now? It’s so much better than before. Great improvement. Kudos, LiveStrong!


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