LiveStrong stadium incorporates a captioning board

Have you been to the new LiveStrong sporting park out at The Legends yet? If not, you’ve GOT to see it. It’s the nicest soccer stadium I’ve ever seen! And it’ll be used for other events and concerts this summer too, as I understand it.

When the stadium was under construction and the salespeople were trying to get my boyfriend and I to buy season tickets (which we did — and no regrets!), one of the questions we asked was: “Will the stadium have accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing? Will there be captioning boards or something like Arrowhead Stadium has now?” The answer they gave us was “Yes!”

The home opener was June 9th, and I never did see a captioning board. There was so much else going on that night that I didn’t look real hard either.

However, at the game Saturday night, I finally spotted the captioning board! I was sitting in the Members Stand, which is on one of the short ends of the field. There are large screens on either end of the field. And that’s where I finally saw it.

Oh, what? You can’t see it? Let me help you….

Now can you see it?? But what? You can’t read it?? Well, it is kind of far away… Let me zoom in:

Now can you read it?? Kind of, right?


Yes, it’s a crappy iPhone photograph, and you can see it much better in person. However, it was extremely hard to read. I had to squint and guess and sorta conjure what was being said out of thin air. I image if you were sitting mid-field on the sidelines, you’d be able to read it pretty well. But from the far end of the field to the far end of the field, it was pretty darn hard.

So, I’m thrilled that this new stadium incorporated accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people. BUT, it would be nice if the type was a tad larger…


4 thoughts on “LiveStrong stadium incorporates a captioning board

  1. Hmm, would have been nice if they had gotten some on-hands suggestions with the people who have to use it before they purchased and installed the system. Might be sort of difficult looking at captioning through binoculars and seeing the plays below.

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