I’m here!

… But horrible at blogging! 🙂 I arrived in DC on Wednesday and have been walking ever since – I even have the blister to prove it!

The convention started yesterday but I may or may not have been looking for the White House at the time. Oops. After I got back from exploring, I picked up my registration packet and went back to my hotel to rest before going on the young adult scavenger hunt. Good thing, too, because it was as exhausting as it was fun! We had to hop the Metro (always an adventure in and of itself) and make our way to the Smithsonian to hunt down some clues. It was humid and we had another team (I’m looking at you, Dennis!) hot on our heels, but I’m proud to report that our team won! You’ll have to help me goad Sarah into writing a post about that because we wouldn’t have won without her! 🙂

After the hunt, we were treated to dinner at a pub and grill. The food was amazing and I thought HLAA did a great job organizing the event. I also enjoyed meeting some new friends and look forward to getting to know them better as the weekend goes on.

Now I’m at the research synposium learning about the effects of noise on hearing loss – be sure to follow @hlaakc on Twitter for live tweets from the synposium.

This afternoon, I’m off to a couple of workshops: “The Art of Telling – Or How to Tell Your Date/Boss/Friend About Your Hearing Loss” and “Surviving the Stress of Hearing Loss: What You Can Do.” I’ll be tweeting from those as well so be sure to check in!

Then tonight I get to go see Wicked!!! Can. Not. Wait!

But now, it’s time for breakfast/lunch. 🙂


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