Mark your calendars for upcoming social events!

We’re pleased to announce that in addition to our regular monthly meetings at the Plaza Library, we will also be coordinating monthly social events around the Kansas City area. It could be as leisurely as meeting at a coffeehouse and just chatting or as riveting as a Bocce ball game! Locations and events will vary from month to month, and we always welcome suggestions! Please send us an email at if you have a favorite place or activity that we could all enjoy.

Mark your calendars for June 24 because Shanna Groves is planning a delightful evening for us at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art! More details will follow, so be sure to watch for blog and email updates.

Don’t forget to follow @hlaakc, @YAHWL and @hlaa on Twitter for convention updates and be sure to follow our blog, as well as the official convention blog, to keep up with what’s going on in DC!


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