The countdown has begun!

The HLAA National Convention is just three days away! Even if you’re unable to attend this year, there are several ways to stay connected:


@hlaakc – I’ll (Lucy) be tweeting live from the convention, so be sure to keep your eye on your Twitter feed for up-to-date information on all that we’re learning!
@YAWHL – keep up with what’s going on with the young adults during the convention
#HLAA2011 – search for tweets with this hash tag to find out what other tweeters are saying about Convention 2011!

Blogs: – I’ll (Lucy) be blogging from the convention, so be sure to subscribe by clicking on the RSS feed button or entering your email address in the “Email Subscription” box on the right hand side of this page.

Official HLAA Convention Blog – Elizabeth, known as (e on the interwebs, will be blogging from the convention, so be sure to get your follow on!

Some things I am most excited about:

Washington, D.C.! I’ve never been and my inner nerd is eager to soak up all of the history in our nation’s capital! I’m planning to brush up on Night at the Museum 2 and National Treasure to help me prepare. 😉

Wicked! I love, love, love musicals but I rarely watch live theater because even with sign language interpreters, I miss out on the performance (I have two choices: Watch the interpreters and miss the acting or watch the acting and miss the dialogue). However, Wicked will be captioned and I’m eager to see what captioning looks like at a live event!

Winning! Ok, not really, but I felt like I needed another “W” phrase in there. 🙂 What I’m probably looking forward to the most is relaxing with my hearing loss. CART will be provided at each workshop, some of the rooms will be looped and everyone will be familiar with hearing loss! I’m looking forward to several days of being with other people who get hearing loss, of not having to (I hope!) labor, labor, labor to communicate with others and to networking with others who know how to communicate with me – because they have the same kinds of needs that I do.

Just two more days to go… can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “The countdown has begun!

  1. Lucy – I’m excited for you and all those who are attending. We all can’t wait to read your daily experiences via blog.

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