LiveStrong stadium incorporates a captioning board

Have you been to the new LiveStrong sporting park out at The Legends yet? If not, you’ve GOT to see it. It’s the nicest soccer stadium I’ve ever seen! And it’ll be used for other events and concerts this summer too, as I understand it.

When the stadium was under construction and the salespeople were trying to get my boyfriend and I to buy season tickets (which we did — and no regrets!), one of the questions we asked was: “Will the stadium have accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing? Will there be captioning boards or something like Arrowhead Stadium has now?” The answer they gave us was “Yes!”

The home opener was June 9th, and I never did see a captioning board. There was so much else going on that night that I didn’t look real hard either.

However, at the game Saturday night, I finally spotted the captioning board! I was sitting in the Members Stand, which is on one of the short ends of the field. There are large screens on either end of the field. And that’s where I finally saw it.

Oh, what? You can’t see it? Let me help you….

Now can you see it?? But what? You can’t read it?? Well, it is kind of far away… Let me zoom in:

Now can you read it?? Kind of, right?


Yes, it’s a crappy iPhone photograph, and you can see it much better in person. However, it was extremely hard to read. I had to squint and guess and sorta conjure what was being said out of thin air. I image if you were sitting mid-field on the sidelines, you’d be able to read it pretty well. But from the far end of the field to the far end of the field, it was pretty darn hard.

So, I’m thrilled that this new stadium incorporated accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people. BUT, it would be nice if the type was a tad larger…


HLAA Night at the Nelson Pics

It was all about art, socializing, and friends at June 24th’s HLAA Night at the Nelson. More than 10 members and their families walked the halls of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. They got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with an exclusive tour of Monet’s famous “Water Lillies” paintings in the museum’s beautiful Bloch Building. The three panels of Monet’s famous work haven’t been displayed together in the United States in more than 30 years.

Other highlights were a “Heavens” photography exhibit, which included breathtaking images of the sky, moon, stars, and the cosmos. Afterward, most of the group ventured to Winstead’s for coffee, food, and conversation. A fun time by all!

HLAA members Stephanie Hanson and Lucy Crabtree show off artist Roxy Paine’s abstract sculptures in the Nelson’s main lobby.

Rob and Betty Jefferson and Mark Miller

Shanna and Scott Groves

Tara and Christopher Duke with their son, Dylan

Morgan Brooks


The Kansas City Walk4Hearing team raised $1,190.00! Thanks to everyone that contributed!  A special thank you to our team sponsors!

Bronze Sponsor –

Associated Audiologists 

Friends Sponsors –

Able Hands Interpreting

Nexus Interpreting 

Otologic Center, Inc. 

Minda and her family made the trip to St. Louis to participate in the Walk4Hearing and represent Team Kansas City.  It was a beautiful day at Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park where the walk was held.  They enjoyed a BBQ lunch after the walk and visiting with vendors and other walk participants.  The rest of the weekend was spent exploring downtown St. Louis and Grant’s Farm!

In the future we hope to host a Walk4Hearing event in Kansas City!  Thanks for your support!

I’m here!

… But horrible at blogging! 🙂 I arrived in DC on Wednesday and have been walking ever since – I even have the blister to prove it!

The convention started yesterday but I may or may not have been looking for the White House at the time. Oops. After I got back from exploring, I picked up my registration packet and went back to my hotel to rest before going on the young adult scavenger hunt. Good thing, too, because it was as exhausting as it was fun! We had to hop the Metro (always an adventure in and of itself) and make our way to the Smithsonian to hunt down some clues. It was humid and we had another team (I’m looking at you, Dennis!) hot on our heels, but I’m proud to report that our team won! You’ll have to help me goad Sarah into writing a post about that because we wouldn’t have won without her! 🙂

After the hunt, we were treated to dinner at a pub and grill. The food was amazing and I thought HLAA did a great job organizing the event. I also enjoyed meeting some new friends and look forward to getting to know them better as the weekend goes on.

Now I’m at the research synposium learning about the effects of noise on hearing loss – be sure to follow @hlaakc on Twitter for live tweets from the synposium.

This afternoon, I’m off to a couple of workshops: “The Art of Telling – Or How to Tell Your Date/Boss/Friend About Your Hearing Loss” and “Surviving the Stress of Hearing Loss: What You Can Do.” I’ll be tweeting from those as well so be sure to check in!

Then tonight I get to go see Wicked!!! Can. Not. Wait!

But now, it’s time for breakfast/lunch. 🙂

HLAA Night at the Nelson June 24th

Join KC HLAA Steering Leader Shanna Groves next Friday for the first-ever 


Friday, June 24, 7-9 pm

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, 4525 Oak Street, KCMO(Meet in the main lobby in front of the coat check-in desk)

View one-of-a-kind works of art, including paintings, sculptures, and photography, both modern and historic. The museum is free to the public and open until 9pm. Learn more about the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art on its Web site,

E-mail us for more details and to let us know you will attend.

Mark your calendars for upcoming social events!

We’re pleased to announce that in addition to our regular monthly meetings at the Plaza Library, we will also be coordinating monthly social events around the Kansas City area. It could be as leisurely as meeting at a coffeehouse and just chatting or as riveting as a Bocce ball game! Locations and events will vary from month to month, and we always welcome suggestions! Please send us an email at if you have a favorite place or activity that we could all enjoy.

Mark your calendars for June 24 because Shanna Groves is planning a delightful evening for us at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art! More details will follow, so be sure to watch for blog and email updates.

Don’t forget to follow @hlaakc, @YAHWL and @hlaa on Twitter for convention updates and be sure to follow our blog, as well as the official convention blog, to keep up with what’s going on in DC!

The countdown has begun!

The HLAA National Convention is just three days away! Even if you’re unable to attend this year, there are several ways to stay connected:


@hlaakc – I’ll (Lucy) be tweeting live from the convention, so be sure to keep your eye on your Twitter feed for up-to-date information on all that we’re learning!
@YAWHL – keep up with what’s going on with the young adults during the convention
#HLAA2011 – search for tweets with this hash tag to find out what other tweeters are saying about Convention 2011!

Blogs: – I’ll (Lucy) be blogging from the convention, so be sure to subscribe by clicking on the RSS feed button or entering your email address in the “Email Subscription” box on the right hand side of this page.

Official HLAA Convention Blog – Elizabeth, known as (e on the interwebs, will be blogging from the convention, so be sure to get your follow on!

Some things I am most excited about:

Washington, D.C.! I’ve never been and my inner nerd is eager to soak up all of the history in our nation’s capital! I’m planning to brush up on Night at the Museum 2 and National Treasure to help me prepare. 😉

Wicked! I love, love, love musicals but I rarely watch live theater because even with sign language interpreters, I miss out on the performance (I have two choices: Watch the interpreters and miss the acting or watch the acting and miss the dialogue). However, Wicked will be captioned and I’m eager to see what captioning looks like at a live event!

Winning! Ok, not really, but I felt like I needed another “W” phrase in there. 🙂 What I’m probably looking forward to the most is relaxing with my hearing loss. CART will be provided at each workshop, some of the rooms will be looped and everyone will be familiar with hearing loss! I’m looking forward to several days of being with other people who get hearing loss, of not having to (I hope!) labor, labor, labor to communicate with others and to networking with others who know how to communicate with me – because they have the same kinds of needs that I do.

Just two more days to go… can’t wait!

Hearing Loss Convention

The Hearing Loss Association of America hosts an annual conference where thousands of HLAA members come together to learn more about education, advocacy, awareness, and support about hearing loss issues across America and in the world.  This year, it will be held in the Washington DC area on June 16th through 19th.   Lucy plans to blog about her experiences at the conference.

I intend to bring back my experiences at the conference this year to our July 2011 meeting, where the Kansas City chapter attendees will speak to our time in Washington DC and what we learned from the conference.  There’s a whole host of workshops and sessions that will be vital to share with all of you, so I’ll be taking copious notes.

The Research Symposium topic this year is on “The Impact of Noise on Hearing” which for me is pretty interesting, as I just spent last Sunday at a NASCAR race and it was LOUD, and I noticed while a not-insignificant number of people wore hearing protection, I’m sure many more went without!  There is even an article on about NASCAR races and hearing protection –, hat tip to Kelly.  In the article, it states you should wear ear protection, even if you feel you look dumb wearing it.  The author then goes on to say, “If you’re afraid that they look dorky, would you prefer to have to wear a hearing aid?”  Thanks, author!

There are also a number of events outside of the Convention Hall that I’m looking forward to participating in.  There will be a young adult scavenger hunt that will allow people with hearing loss from ages 18-35 to connect and network, as there is a perception that HLAA caters more to older people with hearing loss, and young adults don’t feel like they fit in at HLAA.  Also, there’ll be a theatre performance of Wicked at the Kennedy Center, and it will be captioned for our enjoyment, which I am very much looking forward to watching.

Looking forward to bringing back more information for everyone!

June Update

June is shaping up to be a busy month for the Kansas City Chapter!

The Walk4Hearing is tomorrow in St. Louis.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed.  There is still time to donate!  Go to the Walk4Hearing button at the side of our blog  to support the Kansas City Chapter Team.  The goal of Walk4Hearing is to increase awareness about the causes and consequences of hearing loss and to raise funds to provide information and support for people with hearing loss.  The funds raised will go towards providing resources for the Kansas City Chapter and to the National HLAA organization and is tax deductible.

Next week, June 16-19, is the HLAA National Convention in Washington D.C.!  Be on the lookout for blog posts and updates from the convention.

We are also busy planning our June social event.  Details to come soon!

There will be no formal June meeting due to the HLAA Convention in Washington D.C.  The Kansas City HLAA Chapter’s July event will be a monthly meeting on Saturday, July 16, 10:30 a.m at the Kansas City Public Library – Plaza Library Branch.   The July meeting will be an overview of what was learned at the National Convention in Washington D.C.

Thank you to all who participated in our recent survey! We are pleased to announce that the winner of the $20 Visa gift card goes to James Ankrom! Congratulations, James!

The purpose of the survey was to gather feedback from HLAA-KC participants and use the information to help us prepare for the next year. From the survey, we learned that:

Approximately 90% of those who filled out the survey were individuals with hearing loss.  Nineteen percent of you are professionals in the field of hearing loss and 14% have a friend or family member with hearing loss.

We were delighted that so many of you offered specific ideas for how we could improve HLAA-KC’s services and influence in the community. Some of the ideas included offering more social events, demonstrating how to use hearing loss technology and encouragement to work more closely with local audiologists and ENTs to help spread the word about HLAA-KC. Thank you so much for these valuable suggestions and more! Our steering committee will take your ideas and comments into consideration at our next planning meeting in July.

May Picnic Recap

It was a gorgeous day for a picnic on Saturday, May 21, as the Kansas City HLAA Chapter celebrated its 3rd Annual Picnic to celebrate Better Speech and Hearing Month.

More than 40 people attended the May 21st event, which included BBQ donated by Hamilton Relay, hearing loss resource exhibits from a variety of local organizations, door prizes, and a special presentation by Hamilton Relay.

Kansas City HLAA Chapter Leader Dennis Selznick was selected as Hamilton Relay’s Outstanding Individual with Hearing Loss in Kansas Award, with Hamilton Representative Cady Lear making the presentation.
Kansas City HLAA would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their donations and support of this event:

* Olathe YMCA

* Sertoma


* Hamilton Relay

* Associated Audiologists

* Meniere’s Resources

* UbiDuo

* Deaf Cultural Center

There will be no June meeting due to the HLAA Convention in Washington D.C.
The next Kansas City HLAA Chapter event will be a monthly meeting on Saturday, July 16, 10:30 a.m at the Kansas City Public Library – Plaza Library Branch.   The July meeting will be a overview of what was learned at the National Convention in Washington D.C.

A huge thank you to all who attended the May 21st picnic and for everyone’s support of the Kansas City HLAA chapter!