HLAA Webinar on Bluffing

Today, Thursday, February 24th, there is a webinar at 7p.m. E.S.T. called “The Masks of Hearing Loss (Bluffing 101).” The lovely Gael Hannan will be running the workshop. If you haven’t heard of her, she is awesome. She was one of the speakers I had the privilege of listening to when I attended the HLAA national conference in Milwaukee last year. She is hilarious. You’ll love her!

Topic Summary

People with hearing loss are masters of the bluff…or so we think. We use a variety of methods to try and convince people we’re following the conversation when, in fact, we haven’t got a clue what’s going on. We even try to bluff our way through visits with the audiologist and hearing instrument specialist! But our sneaky tricks tend to backfire on us, often landing us in trouble.

The Masks of Hearing Loss (Bluffing 101) is a refreshing exploration of how and why hard of hearing people bluff, the telltale signs of bluffing, famous bluffers, and how drop a bad habit and become a better communicator.

About Gael

Gael Hannan is a writer, actor and public speaker who grew up with a progressive hearing loss that is now severe-to-profound. She is a director on the national board of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association and runs The Hearing Foundation of Canada’s award-winning Sound Sense hearing awareness program for elementary students across Canada. As a passionate advocate for people with hearing loss, her work includes speechreading instruction, hearing awareness workshops for youth and adults, and sensitivity training for corporations and community groups.

Gael is a sought-after speaker for her humorous and insightful performances about hearing loss, including her signature shows Unheard Voices and EarRage! She has received several awards for her work, including the Consumer Advocacy Award from the Canadian Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists.

The Webinar is FREE! You can register for it here.

Can’t watch the webinar at 7p.m. tonight? Don’t worry! Transcripts are also available on the HLAA website. You can view all their webinar transcripts here!


3 thoughts on “HLAA Webinar on Bluffing

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  2. Oh, no! I’m sorry you had trouble, Dorothy. I would assume that HLAA will post the webinar in the transcripts section of the website soon. You can view that page here: http://www.hearingloss.org/Community/transcripts.asp. You can go back and view today’s webinar once it’s posted.

    Also, at the top of that same page, is a connection test you can click on to make sure your browser will work. If it won’t, it should be able to help you download any plugins you may need to see the webinar. Hope that helps!

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