Nominations for the Hamilton Relay 2011 Community Leader Award

Hamilton Relay is in search of candidates for the Hamilton Relay 2011 Community Leader Award! The recipient of the 2010 award was Minda Nelson, one of the founding members of our own HLAA-KC chapter. The 2011 winner will be announced in May, during the Better Speech and Hearing Month. Below is a letter from the Kansas Outreach Coordinator, Cady Lear, and a questionnaire that you can fill out and submit, if you have a candidate you’d like to nominate.


Dear Kansas Residents,

It is amazing to think that it has been nearly a year since Minda Nelson was recognized
as the recipient of the Hamilton Relay 2010 Community Leader Award in honor of Better
Hearing and Speech Month. The positive contributions of leaders such as Minda are
appreciated and Hamilton is pleased to recognize individuals for their efforts.

At this time, Hamilton Relay is seeking your assistance in identifying candidates for
this year’s award. We are looking for individuals who are hard of hearing, late deafened
or have difficulty speaking, and who have been a strong influence within your state,
demonstrating commitment to enhancing the lives of those around them. The award will
be presented during Better Hearing and Speech Month in May. Is there someone you
wish to nominate? We hope so!

A questionnaire is attached to assist in providing information about your candidate,
including a brief description about the individual and what this person has done that
causes you to nominate him/her. Please send your nominations directly to me by March
15th via e-mail, fax or by mail. My contact information is included below.

Hamilton Relay enjoys the opportunity to give back to the community each year by
celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month through this award and looks forward to
learning more about the leaders in Kansas

Thank you for participating in the excitement!


Cady Lear
Kansas Outreach Coordinator
785-228-5666 (office)
785-234-2304 (fax)
4848 SW 21st Street Suite
Topeka, Ks 66604

Download the candidate nomination questionnaire


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