AMC to Begin Digital Captions this Week

Melissa Johnson with AMC Entertainment Corporate Office in Kansas City shared this update with KC HLAA about the status of captions at metro AMC theaters.

Captioning Update from AMC’s Melissa Johnson

Thank you for your patience during this time.  I haven’t had much to report until today.  We have good news!  I have status on Barrywoods (North Kansas City), Mainstreet (Downtown Kansas City) and Studio (Olathe, Kansas).

Barrywoods is SO close.  All installations are complete and the digital keys for Harry Potter have been requested.  What is digital keys?  They should arrive later today or tomorrow.  At that time, the enabled content for Harry will be tested over the next couple of days to ensure the systems are working properly.  If all runs through smoothly, tickets for HP may go on sale as early as Monday for the rest of the week (through Thursday).  If this happens, a full schedule for that theatre will be loaded starting next Friday (a week from today).  As an FYI, Century City’s unit did not operate properly, so they have additional installations –  this could also happen at any of KC’s theaters.  Keep your fingers crossed that all goes smooth.  

Mainstreet is currently working on installing equipment.  ETA unknown.  

Studio – today the final installation for house #19 was complete, but has not been inspected.  We anticipate asking for content next week and testing over next weekend (similar to Barrywoods).  Hopefully Friday 1/28 will be day 1 of full schedule, provided all testing is positive.

As for your question, we often review our pricing strategies, so I will forward your feedback on.  At this time,  I would not anticipate a change or an exception.  This is a request that I cannot follow up on – I can simply share your feedback.

I will watch the schedules and continue to communicate with our Project Manager and film programmers/bookers about the theatres above and advise when I have additional information. 



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