There’s still time to “tell it to the DOJ!”

This is so important that I’d like to second to what Moshie said last week on HLAAKC:

“If movie captions are important to you, tell the DOJ!”

HLAA is all about advocating for greater accessibility for everyone.  When movie captions are available, not only do those with hearing loss benefit, but people who read better than they hear, or are more familiar with hearing a foreign language, or kids who are learning to read.

I grew up loving to read.  Not because of my hearing loss, but because written words are often more powerful than a spoken word.  Where else can you instantly determine the meaning of a phrase, just by reading the word used?  Where “bare” and “bear”, each having many uses and meanings when said phonetically, become clearly apparent in writing: “Barefoot in the woods” or “Bear foot in the woods.”

Maybe I’m being silly, but I think the point is clear – support captions today by writing to the US Department of Justice today!  The deadline is January 24, 2011 – don’t let your voice go unheard!


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