5K Deaf/Hearing Loss Awareness Walk Photos

On November 20th, the Kansas City HLAA Chapter was represented at the 1st Annual 5K Deaf and Hearing Loss Awareness Walk/Run at Blackbob Park in Olathe. Among those attending from HLAA were Chapter Chairperson Dennis Selznick, Minda Nelson, Kelly Rogel, Alex Vetor, Lisa Ledo and Shanna Groves. The group participated in a walk/run around the park, followed by a hearing loss/deaf awareness resource fair on the park grounds. Other groups participating included the Kansas School for the Deaf, Deaf Cultural Center/Marra Museum, Olathe East High School, Nexus Church-Overland Park, Midwest Ear Institute, Associated Audiologists, and the Kansas/Olathe Clubs for the Deaf. Funds raised from the walk will go toward creating Kansas School for the Deaf’s outdoor athletic area.

HLAA-Kansas City Chapter officers set up a booth to tell more about the chapter (from left): Alex Vetor, Dennis Selznick, Minda Nelson, Kelly Rogel and Shanna Groves.

Minda Nelson (left), Alex Vetor and Morgan Brooks enjoyed snacks after completing the November 20th 5K  Walk/Run.

Fox 4 News provided media coverage of the 5K Walk/Run.

After the Walk/Run, attendees gathered to look at Deaf and hearing loss awareness booths on the Blackbob Park grounds.

Leslie Caldwell with the Kansas School for the Deaf welcomed everyone at the Walk/Run.

5K Walk/Run T-shirts were available for purchase, with proceeds going to the Kansas School for the Deaf.


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