AMC Movie Captioning Update

As of today, the captioning issues have not been resolved with AMC Theatres’ digital format films.

Terri Shirley with the Kansas City HLAA Chapter has been diligently communicating with AMC Theatre Management in Olathe about the need for captioned movies at the Studio 30 location. Below are Terri’s last two e-mail correspondences with Dan Glennon, AMC Studio 30 General Manager. We will post any updates we receive from AMC.

November 13, 2010

Hello Dan,

Glad we ran into each other a week ago.   HLAA members are currently going to Ameristar’s Regal 18 Cinema for captioned movies.   Due to not getting any real status of where AMC 30’s equipment is, I ask that you call again and get a real status.   Please ask as many questions as possible so they might actually wear out listening to you because I do not feel the message is getting across to them.    Sometimes a lot of attention to it helps.    So far there is no word of what the status is at all.  Did they order equipment?  What date did they order the equipment?   What is expected shipment date?  How long does it take to ship from manufacturer?    Do we need trained employee sent to site to install?  What is the expected date of captioned movies for the hearing impaired community?   Let the headquarters know the hearing community is driving clear to other side of city for captioned movies and that is how much they want it.   We do want to be taken serious about this.
Thank you,
Terri Shirley
On Nov 4, 2010, at 11:40 PM, Terri wrote:
Hi Dan,

What did they say last Friday when you called to get an update?    Please keep calling them.
Keep me informed and I will inform HLAA.
Thank you,
Terri Shirley

Date: October 30, 2010 9:13:56 AM CDT
To: Dan Glennon <>
Subject: Fork and Screen experience
Hi Dan,

The experience was overall great.     I am going to be glad when captions return.    Social Network characters talk very fast, the scenes flip back and forth.   I will rent it with captions when it comes out.

I wanted to tell you a snag so that you may be able to find a better communication method for your Guest Services employees.     I prepurchased tickets.    I had some people coming from Lawrence, my husband from his work and a daughter & boyfriend from another direction.  Guest Services had me write down their names on each ticket.    I was told to have them go to the Guest Services desk and ask for the tickets.     I texted everyone in my party to go through main doors and tell the ticket collector that their tickets were at the Guest Services desk.

The person behind the Guest Services counter is not the person I handed them to.     When everyone came, they went to the GS desk and were told they did not have them.   Then told they had to go to the ticket booth and ask for them.   Of course the tickets were not there.   Then they went back to the GS desk and this time the lady said she would not give the tickets to anyone unless she could see the credit card that purchased the tickets on.

I do not understand that because at “will call”  the tickets are paid for and they said they would let my daughter go look for me in the theater.  Well, I had to go out to the GS desk and talk to the counter person and showed her my credit card.  She said she could not find the tickets and sorry.

Just wanted to share with you.    Maybe you want to figure out how or if you will allow tickets to be left at will call in the future.

Did you get any new status yesterday after you called?



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