AMC 30 Captioning Update

The email posted here is a follow-up from Dan Glennon, whom Shanna and Teri have been working with to get captioning back in the theaters.


Shanna/Terri –

I just wanted to give you a quick follow up to the questions I left the meeting with as points to research:

As far as open captions being displayed on screen via our digital units, the technology is coming. At this point, as I understand it Hollywood is agreeing on the technology piece (much like they did with RWC/DVS) and once the technology piece is in place it will be as easy as turning on the captions on a DVD at home -pretty exciting.

In speaking with our in house technical services department I conveyed some of the information with them that you had brought to my attention (ie. population base of Olathe, etc.) and have secured a recommendation for our site as the first site for installation as well as a need for pushing the timeline forward provided AMC has any input.

Hope this info is of help and look forward to hosting you at Studio in the near future.


Best –



Are you excited to have captioning return to the Olathe theaters? I sure am!


2 thoughts on “AMC 30 Captioning Update

  1. Hi Shannon and Terri,
    Kudos for all of your hard work advocating for captioned movies! I read through all of your correspondences with Dan and it is still unclear if the AMC theater will stick with Rear Window Captioning or will go to Open Captioning? Like you I am not too hot on RWC and that is because of my bad experience; it wouldn’t work and I couldn’t read it because it was at an awkward angle. Whoever manufactured the gadget need to do a better job!

    At any rate, I am curious to learn more about this and hope to learn more from this group.

  2. Rebecca, you are most welcome. Olathe AMC Studio 30 management would like to show a variety of RWC movies with one OC movie per week. Right now, OC movies are being shown at AMC Ward Parkway 14 in Kansas City and Regal Cinema at Ameristar in North KC. Please join my Facebook group Kansas Citians Want Movie Captions for the latest updates.

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