July 24th meeting – HLAA convention presentation

On Saturday, I had a chance to present to an interesting audience about my experience at the HLAA Convention in Milwaukee. Sarah and Kelly, two HLAA convention scholarship recipients, were unable to attend but already provided a write up of their experience on this blog site.

Before we opened the presentation, I mentioned a couple of things for the audience:

1) Various new events will be posted on this blogsite via the calendar on the right-hand side:

2) HLAA’s national blog is at hlaa-advocacy.blogspot.com. There they have several initatives going on:
a) Classroom acoustics – write to the U.S. Access Board ASAP! Give your feedback on how classroom acoustics need to be modified so that people like YOU can understand better!
b) HR 3101 – a bill on the “Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act” includes accessibility such as no limits on captioning internet videos, TVs smaller than 13″ must include caption decoders, and funds set aside for deaf-blind accessibility.

3) Walk 4 Hearing – please volunteer to participate in a committee that will work with the St. Louis HLAA Chapter and help make their Walk 4 Hearing in May 2011 a success!

I’m going to post the meeting presentation and transcript shortly. Stay tuned!


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