First day of 2010’s HLAA Convention!

Hey, all! I really should have blogged about this before coming to the conference, but I’m here now and I figure I should just write while I can!

Today, three KC chapter members have arrived in Milwaukee for HLAA’s 2010 convention. Even with about 800 people nationwide converging on the Frontier Airlines Center in downtown MKE, the KC folks stick out as part of the younger crowd of members! Sarah Mosher, Kelly Rogel and I just jumped into seeing the town and making connections right away.
I participated in the State Chapter meeting on Thursday afternoon, that was a good way to get to know other leaders out there and get some support in meeting fantastic people who can help out our chapter with fundraising, Walk for Hearing mentoring, and recruitment. So stay tuned for what help we’ll be getting!
I also attended the Cell Phones and Accessibility workshop for updated information on telecommunications access. There was a panel of experts from RIM, Motorola, AT&T and CTIA who shared their insights on how the cell phones are revolutionizing communications.
I’ll keep you all informed. Gotta run!

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